Saturday, 10 October 2009

Finger Knitting

Me and MaxiMad had a go at finger knitting last night in bed.  It is something I had forgotten I even knew how to do!!!

So why the finger knitting I hear you ask, well it is getting cold oop North and I have dug out the hats, scarfs and gloves out of storage, but I can only find one boy glove.  They were forever losing then last year.  So I have been and purchased some gloves (2 pair for a pound from PoundLand) and I have used the finger knitting to make a string to put through the arms of their coats.

Yes this is so 1970's, but I saves on gloves, we have the wool and I had fun with MaxiMad.  MadDad is not at all happy, he hated having his gloves on elastic!


Sandy Calico said...

What a great idea! I have a vague memory from the 70's of finger knitting.

bad penny said...

ooh I love to see little kids with gloves hanging from their coats - sweet

Anonymous said...

My sister loves having her gloves done this way and still wears it like that now!! (she's 30) I never had mine done that way but was always slightly envious of the kids that did!!

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