Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday

Josie at Sleep is for the weak holds a weekly writing workshop with several prompts posted on a Monday, this week I chose:

You will eat what I put in front of you with out a word of complaint and then thank me for cooking you a nutritious, low salt, healthy and tasty meal - not a peep out of you.

You will allow mummy to sleep till 6.30am.

You will not shout "please come and wipe my bum" continually a the top of your voices until I turn up.  I do acknowledge you first time and set off.

You will not bring friends ie worms and other creatures to the dinning table.

You will not insist on reading the same book 100 times over, we have lots of books and visit the library regularly, so it is not as though we have a shortage.

You will allow me to visit the smallest room in peace.

You will refrain from pulling my fingers off whatever I am doing and trying to drag me to where you want me.

I do not allow any little hair visitors in to this house - ever.

You will flush the toilet and put the seat down after each and every use.

I aim to please, so please try to aim.

Inside only voices please, I am not hard of hearing, just sick of listening sometimes!


bad penny said...

He He ... at least they say please ...wipe my bum !

I will not be talked at while I am on the telephone !

Kelly said...

That is the second time this week I have heard of 'inside voices'! Will have to remember that one.

I would have to add a few rules for the grown ups too. Like do not leave the dirty dishwater in the washing up bowl for starters!

dottycookie said...

Ha! Good luck with that lot ;-) Your house sounds a lot like ours.

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Ha I like the 'little hair visitors!' - sounds like I have lots of fun things to look forward to!

Fab - thanks for this xx

Anonymous said...

Kids are great ren't they?

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