Monday, 12 October 2009

I am guesting at Bah to cancer

Over at the fabtastic (yep that is a cross between fabulous and fantastic, as she is both) Stephanie's Bah to cancer this morning.

I am finally telling my story and my choices, if any one is interested.

Whilst you are there, please also take a look at Stephanie's  blog, which is a heart wrench, but positive story of her dance with breast cancer.

Remember that is is Brest cancer awareness month, so get checking those breasts.


bad penny said...

I'll pop over. Having had years of treatment for pre cancerous cell growth on the cervix I asked for a hystarectomy but I had been blessed with two lovely children by then.

Girls.....Get Your Smear Tests Done !

Sandy Calico said...

What a story xxx

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