Friday, 16 October 2009

More Halloween Crafts

Seen as I have the colour changing pens out already for the Autumn tree collage I did with MiniMad this morning, I decided to do some secret Halloween pictures for when the boys came home from school and preschool.

Again you can not get much more simple than this.  I used the white (colour changing pen to draw Halloween shapes and words on white paper and let them lose with the others, so they could find their messages and pictures.

Not elegant, but fun none the less.  You dont need to have colour changing pens to do this though, you can use a candle or a white crayon and water paints as we did over the summer, wax relief painting.


Zoe said...

Simple but really effective! It reminds me of this post from The Magic Onions:

Linda said...

Hello, your blog is a joy! I wanted to let you know that I have tagged you in a meme on - where you have to get your children to draw you, I'm sorry if it sounds ridiculous to say I am too tired to show you the exact link but if you have a look you can see the pics my girls drew of me and there you are if you read the whole thing. And thank you so much for your lovely comments which I may have said before. Good day. x

Liz@Violet Posy said...

Aww how cute are they? I love the pictures they have done the scary blue pumpkins and pink ghosts are great! Happy Halloween to your little ones x said...

Oh I had to come to this post too to see the little ones in deep thought and business! Lovely! Suzie. xxx

bad penny said...

aw Bless. My Horror is planning all sorts of mischief for Halloween... well he is 13 !

Bubbles17 said...

Aww I love this idea, I think I am going to get my son to do this with me :)

TheMadHouse said...

Thanks for all the comments, I love them all.
Zoe - I love that blog, I am going to follow it.
Linda - I will see if they will draw mummy in the morning!!
Liz - My boys love pink, as does mummy. I am planning a lot more pink in the house!!
Suzie, welcome and I love your blog and I do yours too Bubbles.
Penny - arggggg 13. We have a party at my brothers club on the Friday, apple bobbing and fancy dress and then we will make cakes to take out instead of collecting sweets that they never eat. It always feels a bit like begging to me!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Those are brill. I think my two would love them, especially Miss M (4). And your boys are very cute. :D

TheMadHouse said...

Jo thank you, they are both very edible (but then I am biased!!

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