Saturday, 7 November 2009

Bonfire Party

What can I say about the wonderful night we had the Bonfire night party at my brothers and sister in laws social club.

It was a wonderful night, with 200 people turning up for the marvelous fireworks that my Brother and the team put on (he is already trying to make next year bigger and better).

The children's disco is something to behold, in fact MiniMad is the Disco King and he spent the whole 2 and half hours on the dance floor, well apart from the 5 mins he spent munching on a couple of hotdogs!!

MaxiMad loved the fireworks this year and enjoyed dancing to the disco outside and watching the outdoor screen show of all the photographs taken at the Halloween Party and only sit still to eat his jacket potato and then mine!!

I danced with the children most of the night and had a fantastic time.  Yes I suffered with some soreness and stiffness yesterday, but it was worth it for the fun had by all.


bad penny said...

oh what fun all that dancing. Jess is going out to a firework display with her friends tonight - lovely at sixteen she can do things like this with a nice group of friends.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better today!! Wow, isn't minimad a groovy mover!!!

Floss said...

That looks wonderful! You have real dancing stars!

We've just had to postpone our bonfire party and fireworks until next wekend, as the weather here is so bad. It's just hailed, so we're very happy we made the decision to postpone! In France it doesn't really matter when you celebrate, of course, as no one knows the tradition!

Margaret Anne Prendergast said...

It looks like a very impressive event and lots of fun for all!

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely fabulous. We went to a firework's display at our local football club. There was a great atmosphere there too!

Las Vegas UK Mums said...

Sounds like a great time, I am sure everyone slept well with all that excercise!

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