Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Child Safe Sparklers

Obviously I dont give  the mini's real sparklers, but they do see other children with them, so we came up with this as a solution.

This is a really simple and fun recipe that you can do really easily with the children.


Bread sticks
chocolate - milk or white
hundreds and thousands or sparkles


Melt the chocolate in the microwave
Dip the bread stick in the chocolate, covering approx a third or alternatively use a brush like MiniMad

Cover the chocolate area in sprinkles

Eat all the sprinkles and melted chocolate you can whilst mum has her hands full and takes pictures.


If you have a bit of time, you could always use dyed sugar or edible glitter, but I used what we had on hand and this only took 15 minutes to do yesterday evening whilst MaxiMad went to his swimming lesson.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Top idea, will be doing with DD this weekend, definitely. Inspired!

Rachel said...

Fantastic idea! Love catching up with life in the madhouse. Hope you are getting some REST Mrs ;-) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Rach and Ben xx

dottycookie said...

That's a wonderful idea! I'm planning a Bonfire cake for tomorrow, and these would go brilliantly with that!

Jane said...

Love it again Jen, I don't need to do my planning - I just pinch all your ideas - hope everything is going ok, love Jane

Christopher L. Powlay said...

Which end do you light?

Meh proper sparklers are fine with the right supervision. Not everything that we did as kids were harmful.

bad penny said...

great fun again, you are resting aren't you ?

picciolo said...

what a great idea, they look fun and delicious too. Thank for your kind comment on my blog, I think my migraines are when I am tired so can't always be avoided. I'm glad yours are sorted though!
: )

whoatemycrayons said...

Miss Crayons is a big fan of breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles. Looks like we have a hit here! Great idea - I am definately 'borrowing' it.

Tillyboo said...

Hello, lovely to see you on my blog ! I have enjoyed reading your blog and will be back again soon x

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea. My daughter tends to lose interest after half an hour of baking so this recipe would be perfect. The problem is she wants to eat the results and can't wait!

Jude said...

Lovely simple idea, which I will try. Though I do plan do let mine have a go with real sparklers for the first time this year - with close supervision of course!

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