Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Parsnip Harvest

I pulled our first parsnip from the garden yesterday to add to our sausage casserole.

What a whopper!!

It tasted good too, time to pull the rest I think.

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Aingeal said...

Cool well done, I didn't do any winter veg this year, started low with tomatoes and spring onions. Enjoy it.

Floss said...

Wonderful! I had a very interesting time trying to explain the concept of a parsnip to a French friend the other day. He was very open minded about the whole thing, really...

Enjoy them - I like them roasted, best! said...

Yum, We had One! Yes just one! Got some beets growing still though. There just isn't a way to describe how much nicer they are than shop one is there? suzie xxx

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