Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Toilet humour and the best present of the holidays according to the minimads

My Brother bought MiniMad  "Pooh is that you Bertie?"

It has been the biggest hit of the holiday, we seem to be reading it constantly and the boys love the toilet humor, in fact we have been parping, boffing and tooting ever since.

Who would have thought a book about farts could have been so much fun!



bekimarie said...

Looks like my kind of humour lol.
Love the 'puting the world to rights' in your last post, looks like great fun was had by all.
I love RA too, I have her Bake book and her others are on my wishlist.
I'm intrigued by your childrens craft showcase, would love to know more.
Take care
Beki xxx

VintageVicki said...

That is the perfect small boy toilet humour book :)

Wait till yours are a tad older - they'll love Captain Underpants - much more toilet humour in there - plenty of fart jokes!!

Hi btw - just found your blog via Floss's. I'm a mum of 2 boys too - though mine are nearly 14 & 12. If you get a chance come & say Hi :)

Vicki xx

bad penny said...

he he Joe would have loved that too now it's all Top Gear and more - Top Gear !

Frog in the Field said...

my girls would love that too, but I'm trying to teach them to be ladylike .... it's so not happening, as the teenager tells me.

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Looks fab, my boys are just at the right age when anything fart related keeps them guffawing all day!

Anonymous said...

I think Mr B is secretly longing for the day when the Bear will understand fart jokes!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I think I want that book for myself. Tee hee. ;-)

geekymummy said...

Looks like a good one! My sister sent me "Who's on the loo" and the kids are obssessed with it! Seems like the Brits have the best toilet themed book!

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