Thursday, 31 December 2009

Been There, Done That

We have come a long way baby, we really have since 2000.

I used to be a hard nosed career woman living in Berkshire with the love of my life. I  loved my job, I was good at it and relished the challenges it brought.  I managed projects, relocated 600 people in to a brand new 160000 square foot campus and I did it with time to spare and nothing but commendations.  I was super organised and a super organiser!!

In 2000 my dad was fatally injured in an industrial accident.  They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, well this tested us all and MadDad was a tower of strength for all the family. It took the next 4 years for resolution to be agreed upon, Health and Safety prosecuted them and an inquest was heard.  It was a painful time for us all.  My dad is sorely missed still to this day and not a week goes by when I am not desperate to tell him something about my life.

Then our world was turned on its head again, March 2005 MaxiMad was born after a crash section, we named him after my Farther and our Grandfathers (3 of whom were called William).  After 10 years of marriage we were floored by our wonderful little man.

In June 2005 we nearly lost him, but he was a fighter and MadDad and I spent 2 weeks constantly by his side at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and we made the decision to relocate back to the North East so that I could be a stay at home mummy.

We moved back in April 2006 and two months later in June 2006 MiniMad was born, 3 weeks early and looking so much like his big brother did.  I was smitten, as was the whole family.

But wow all of a sudden my 15 month old MaxiMad stopped looking like a baby and started looking like a toddler.

Just like his big brother did when he was small, MiniMad decided that we needed a scare too and was admitted to The RVI in Newcastle a good 60 miles away, but we got through it.

We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four in a new home and we have grown to love this house, our home.  It has become my haven.  MiniMad just fitted in to our family, it was as though we had always had him and him us.

Amongst all of this my dear Aunt was diagnosed with a rare cancer and we found out that we carried the BRACA spelling mistake and the rest as they say is history, we it is my history.  In 2008 I had my ovaries and tubes removed.

In 2009 MaxiMad started school.  I cried my baby was at school how could this be.  I have only just given birth to him.  He loves it.

I have learned that I do not need 5 star holidays (although they are wonderful) camping is great with my boys as long as a I am warm and we have alcohol!!

I underwent my double mastectomy in February, so end this decade with two less body parts than I started it with, but with the knowledge that the dreaded C is so much less likely to come and visit.

It has been a wild ride, taking roads that I didn't even know existed, let alone signposted and that is the great thing, life is all about how you travel and which roads you take, not where you end up.  Yep the journey not the destination is important.  So I am in it for the ride, so come on next decade, lets enjoy it together!



geekymummy said...

My, what a journey, thanks for sharing. I hope the next few years are smoother sailing for you and your lovely family.

Michele said...


Here's to a happy & healthy 2010.
I hope you and your family have an uneventful next ten years.
Best wishes from another mum a looooonnnnnnngggggg way away.

VintageVicki said...

What a rollercoaster ride of a decade - here's hoping the next one is very quiet :)

What cute little boys you have. I have a William too (no2 son) & he's quite cute too.

We're also a camping family - infact a mention of that is planned in the blog post I intend to do today.

All the best for 2010.

Vicki xx

Jude said...

You've had some tough times to go through - I admire you for remaining so positive.
We have an almost identical photo of our 2 boys at Alnwick Castle, same background, same costumes!

bad penny said...

This has all made you what you are - a wonderful person ... so glad we met in this decade & looking forward to getting to know you more in the next.


bekimarie said...

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post.
So glad i've met you and look forward to getting to know you better in 2010.
Wishging you a very Happy New Year
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Littlemummy said...

Gosh, that really does sound like a rollercoaster ride. I hope 2010 is a good year for you.

Very Bored Housewife said...

Wow, your strength and bravery is amazing. Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year. xx

Lalabibaby said...

Looks like you inherited your dad's strength ... what a roller coaster ride it has been for you ... please ensure that you dedicate the next decade to those two beautiful boys because believe me you will blink and they will be grown men. Wishing you all well for 2010. x

cartside said...

Oh what a long and hard road this past decade has been for you. Hope it's given you lots of strength and that the new decade will bring you much joy and happiness

Sew Scrumptious said...

Great post. Such cute little boys. I hope the next 10 years are a bit less stressful for you!! Heres to a great 2010. xx

whoatemycrayons said...

Where does the time go? Just goes to prove that we should seize each second. Happy new year to you all! x

The wife of bold said...

What a decade, you've been through so much and yet your still standing, i admire your strength. Thanks for sharing all yours highs and lows and here's hoping 2010 brings you health and lots of happiness. Happy New Year!

Laura said...

You inspire me with your strength and bravery and make me smile with the love you have for your family and they hands down beat any 5 star break.

Happy New Year, wishing you one full of happiness and health and i very much look forward to sharing it with you. Love Laura x

Wendy said...

Well done, Jen, my long distance friend, for surviving and triumphing over 2009.
Love and ehugs (a bit like ewoks, perhaps?! The only bit of Star Wars films that Emma will tolerate, that and Yoda!) xxx

Sandy Calico said...

Wow, what a remarkable ten years. Like my decade, yours is filled with both heartbreak and overwhelming joy. Your boys are gorgeous. Here's to a happy and healthy new decade x

Michelle said...

Wow, just found your blog thanks to baby baby. Thanks for sharing, it has been some 10 years for you. I hope this next decade is a good one. Michelle

skirts and wellies said...

I am so amazed at how strong you are. I know that Cpap much too well. It is an awful thing to see on your baby, but that is only one pull at the heart strings when you've had so many. Wishing you a decade of happiness and health.

nath said...

so much adversity, and you have faced it all with such dignity and love. i hope 2010 brings you much joy. and thank you for all your support thus far, your comments are always so wonderful. XX

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the late read, I am catching up on my reading. What a roller coaster of a decade, loved this post made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. Hope the future decades are filled with smiles and laughter. xx

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