Monday, 7 December 2009

Pine cone door decoration

Mary I've packed the oil
And I've packed the grain,
The water is ready
Now listen again -

Here are the blankets and covers
And your mattress there,
So please, my sweet friend,
Keep warm and take care

Today I have a very easy Pine Cone decoration, which I totally pinched from Sweet Paul.

It is very easy for an older child to do on their own, MaxiMad and I did this together.  We also made one for my mum with red ribbon and golden sprayed cones, but forgot to take any photo's of it before we gave it to her yesterday.

I couldn't find my glue gun (my mother had it), so used Bostik All Purpose Glue to stick the end of the lengths of ribbon to pine cones. 

I am starting to really enter in to the advent spirit and we are all enjoying our time together with a task each day.  Tonight we are off to "Carols on the Green" in the pouring rain, but I have waterproofs out for the boys so at least they will remain dry.

Oh and the marble run has gone back to Father Christmas (grandma's house), where MaxiMad will get it on Boxing day as a thank you for checking it worked OK for Father Christmas!

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A Modern Mother said...

Lovely! And I thought all you did was bake all the time!

maria said...

Those are lovely and the ones you made for your mum sound great too. I love making decorations with pine cones, we decorated our Christmas branch with pine cones and other bits!

bad penny said...

looks good. We had late night shopping in the village - very pretty all lit up.

Can you send me your add so I can send you a card !

skirtsandwellies said...

That looks great. I'm trying to use our pinecones to make bird seed ornaments, but this looks much easier. :)

TheMadHouse said...

Skirts, we are also going to do some bird feeders too, my MIL collected 100's of them!!

Modern Mother, sometimes it feels like it!!

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