Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Gallery - Creatures of South Africa

Once upton a time long, long ago, in fact 3 years BC (before children) MadDad and I visited and stayed with friends in South Africa.  We spent some wonderful time in what is a glorious country and The World Cup really reminds me of the special time we spent there.  So for this weeks Gallery I present to you some of the creatures we saw on our fab holiday.

The Penguins on Boulders Beach - oh they were cute, but the smell - ugh

They were such characters, we spent hours watching them

Majestic Lions

Bab Cheetahs

Yes, that is me with two white baby Bengal tigers

 Mama and other female elephants protecting a 2 day old foal

Big birds!

Big Mouths!

If you loo closely, a big splash from the whales we spent the day watching.  We could have stayed for a month and still not want to go home.

One day, we will go back and take the MiniMads with us.  One day...............

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