Saturday, 26 June 2010

Disney Blu-ray Ambassador and Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to Kerry at Think Parents, we have been given the opportunity to become Disney Blu-ray Ambassadors, which means that we have been lucky enough to receive a copy of  Alice In Wonderland on Blu-ray/DVD Combi Pack - not only does it contain the movie on Disney Blu-ray disc but it also contains the film on Disney DVD as an added bonus! So it's great for parents who may not have a Blu-ray player but are considering getting one as they will have the film on both Blu-ray and DVD for their families to enjoy.

The Disney Blu-ray disc is known as ‘magic in high definition’ – the picture quality is far superior to that of a DVD and the capacity for interactive extras is greater (basically you get more to play around with!).  Blu-ray Players have what’s known as ‘backwards capability’ which means you can watch your old DVD’s on them too – so if you do decide you’re ready to upgrade from your DVD player you won’t have stacks of unwanted DVD’s lying around.  

This is great for us, as we have a high definition television in the conservatory (which is the playroom) and a standard old CRT TV in the sitting room, so we have the option to use either disc.  Although we would love to embrace all new technology finances don't allow it, so we only replace when we have to!

So lets talk about Alice in Wonderland.  I was dubious about this being suitable for the minimads, especially Mini.  We had seen the trailer at the cinema and it left him in tears, so it was with some apprehension that I allowed us all to watch this together.

The thing is my fears were unfounded, it kept them transfixed from beginning to end.  Neither of the boys were scared of any of the characters and we realised that it was the sound which upset him at the cinema.

The boys had already seen the original Disney Alice in Wonderland, so had an idea of the story, but this version was difference enough to keep them enthralled without them realising all the twists and turns.
I have to say that I adored the Mad Hatter and he was the highlight of the movie for me, even MadDad thought it was "quite entertaining".


I think that this is a great film, there is so much to see, a real visual feast and it is all the better that it is based on a book that I really like.

MadDad summed it up as a movie worth watching as it kept the MiniMads quite for an hour and a half and had something for each of us.  I am so glad that we saw this o Blu-ray, as it really highlighted the whole imagery.  So a big thumbs up from all of us.

Our Opinions on Blu-ray

I have to say I was somewhat sceptical before trying Blu-ray, I was under the impression that it was just a way to get us to part with hard earned cash for a different format DVD, kind of the whole VHS and Betamax thing all over again.  How wrong was I.

The image quality was far superior to our DVD player, crisper, brighter and truer to life. What a great way to watch a movie in your own home, akin to a cinema in your own house.

However the best part for me is that we don't have to part with any of the DVD's we already have as it plays them and even better it makes the images look better than when played in a DVD player.  So we have been wowed by Blu-ray.  Even GrannyMad is impressed and has already said that if her DVD player breaks she will be buying Blu-ray.

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