Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Writing Workshop

The Yellow top of a ride on car
A red plastic tractor that hasn't gone far

The sandpit lid sits all forlorn
For no children are out this morn

A whirligig, not spins or holds
Any gently drying clothes

The children's slide, swing and balls

Still hiding under previous icy snow falls

But there is signs of life and hope
In my garden with its slope

A robin red breast pecks away
On a bird feeder filled today

The Brussels sprouts stand proud and tall
Some leeks too survived the snow fall

Inside, all warm I scheme and plan
for spring to come and lend a hand

For this winter has been hard
Snow is still falling on this yard

This was inspired by the view out of my kitchen window, for the writing workshop at Sleep is for the weak



Geriatric Mummy said...

Ooooh get you Mrs ! Poetry eh ? Is there no end to your talents ?

This painted the picture beautifully, well done x

Anonymous said...

I'm with Geriatric Mummy - is there anything you can't do? Brilliant!!

And I've never read a poem with brussel sprouts in it before, so you get extra points for originality.

Josie @Sleep is for the Weak said...

Beautiful! You clever soul x

Anonymous said...

Lovely words of poetry. I adore robins, we have two that eat from our feeder every day and it's such a pleasure to watch them.

CJ xx

Overflowing Mum said...

Great poem Mad.Indeed a mutli talented mummy! and glad to hear you sounding more positive about MiniMad...toddlers really can try the best of the best LOL

Dr Sarah said...

Oooh, cool - I think you may be the only one who picked no. 4! And I'm very impressed with anyone who can write a decent poem. It's a rare skill.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem. A winter garden can be a bereft and lonely looking place.

bad penny said...

Bravo ! eww hate sprouts but you made them sound lovely !

TheMadHouse said...

I am trying new things in the new year, I am making myself not pick the easy option. I want to try and use my brain!!

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