Monday, 4 January 2010

That Back to School Feeling

The boys have returned to school and Preschool today.  In the two child free hours I get, I was planning to take down the decdorations that are outside, but this is what the conservatory looked like at lunchtime today!!

I also failed to get to the bank to get the cash for MaxiMads dinner money and as he went to school in his shoes he wasn't allowed to play out in the snow - hmm I think that I kind of failed at being a great mummy this morning!

I was going to bring the Bin in once I got the boys home from school and bunkered down for the evening, but this is what it looks like outside.  So it can wait for MadDad coming home from work.

Yep our road is lethal, the frost has started already and we are forecast snow tonight and heavy snow on Wednesday.   MadDad got new tyres for his car today and will be taking mine tomorrow for new ones.  An expensive start to the month, but needs must!

I have a sausage casserole bubbling away, candles are lit and the house is all warm and cosy.  I have got the boys wellies, waterproof trousers and snow mittens (Tchibo 2 years ago) ready for the morning.  I will do better.  I will also get MadDad to pop to a cash point on his way home or write a cheque for the months school dinners!

Now where did I put MaxiMads homework book.......



VintageVicki said...

Have been checking here that boys have what they need for school tomorrow. Little son will have to wear PE trousers that are too big as the normal ones only made it to the wash today!!

Just remembered - big son has cookery - off to check we have all he needs!!

Good luck ;)

Anonymous said...

A lot of the schools in my area were closed today but I think might reopen tomorrow. I remember when I used to have 2 hours of free time (or me time) when Amy was at nursery.

Best wishes and hoping you thaw soon, CJ xx

bekimarie said...

Do you ever wonder about these Mums you see at the school gates with full on make up first thing in the mornings and always seem so organised?
I do and wonder how they do it, i'm lucky if I get a brush through my hair in the mornings and I don't even have to do the school run anymore.
I think you're doing a fab job.
Laughing at myself at the moment as I thought your lights were icicles lol.
Beki xxx

bad penny said...

my best laid plans for yesterday failed too !

He He as the kidz get older you get them to organise themselves ... oh the amount of times the PE kit was forgotten & I had to trudge up to school for the secong time - muttering loudly !

bad penny said...

oh Jen for a really good laugh read this

and then follow her link to chickens in the basement ... about backtoschoolitis ! said...

There is always so much to think of as a Mum! I know! aren't tyres so expensive, its awful as our estate seems to go through them like nobodys business. Just read penny's comment, I thought your lights were icicles too! brrrr! suzie. xxx

Emily O said...

Takes a while to get back into it doesn't it? Sounds like you're getting more organised. I love this really cold snowy winter so far - feels like a proper winter!

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