Sunday, 3 January 2010

Spiritual Sunday

All Change

This is a new day
One I have never lived before
I stay in the now and enjoy each and every moment

Sometimes I think that the New Year brings the need for change, for people to embrace the new, the shiny and look to the future.  This is not a bad thing, goals, plans and aims are great things to strive towards, as long as we do it whilst living for the day.

This is something that I have reminded myself of over the last year and I want to do so again, yes I am busy making plans for the year ahead, but I am also busy playing, watching and enjoying each precious day with my family.  How about you?



Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this post. It is so positive and inspirational. I aim to live my year the same way. (I think you should follow it up with a motivational mood board!)

Lalabibaby said...

I aim to get up each day and be thankful that I have and just do what I can do and not worry about the rest. Sometimes we try too hard to strive for targets and life then passes us by. Happy New Year

bekimarie said...

A lovely post and a wonderful attitude to take into the new year.
Beki xxx

bad penny said...

This is lovely Jen ... we can sometimes get so carried away with grand plans that we forget the now. Thanks for reminding us xx

Hearth-mother said...

Lovely. An important and timely reminder.

A Modern Mother said...

Hear, hear!

geekymummy said...

Indeed. I like the time to reflect. I think you got this meme tag already, if so, I apologize, but would like to give my friends over here the opportunity to read your lovely blog!

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