Thursday, 23 July 2009

Things to do on essential, but boring trips out

We regularly take my mum to the hospital and I find that if I am prepared and plan things in advance that they go much more smoothly.

So I have put together small packs including colouring pens, crayons, drawing books and a reading book in a small wallet for each of the boys.

This worked really well for them both yesterday and kept them pretty entertained during the tedium of the day.

I am going to do some more so that I can just grab them when we go out, any ideas of what I can put in them?


EV said...

Child magazines.
A yoyo each (they'll have to practice a lot)
Bouncy ball (if there is a lot of space)
Whistle or harmonica (if noise isnt a problem)
A balloon.
Asda do cheap dot to dot and colouring books.

Jen Walshaw said...

I love the idea of a yoyo and will use that once they get a bit older. We have dot to dot and colouring books - I tend to collect them whenever I see them!!!

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