Saturday, 31 October 2009

Homemade Hearts for the MiniMads

I finished the hearts for the minimads tonight.  These are made with inspiration from Amanda Blake-Soules Handmade Home.

I made them from a baby blanket that MaxiMad was given from a dear friend (well the truth is we pinched it from her, as she had two and we liked it that much), who now is living back in her home country of South Africa.

MiniMad used the blanket too, so it has lots of meaning for both the boys and me too and it is such a lovely soft brushed cotton.

They are stuffed with scraps and dried lavender and have a pocket with a card in and a little message for each of the boys.  The cards are called a little box of big thoughts from Winstons Wish, I use them to record little things and pop them in the boys memory boxes.

I intend to give the hearts to them tomorrow, so that they have something tangible to hold whilst I am in hospital.

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

As I go into hospital on Monday, I feel as though I have to get everything done this weekend, so I can go in knowing that most things that are important are completed.  A bit like going on holiday knowing you have a clean house to come back to.

So I am busy dotting the i's and crossing the t's so to speak.   I am cleaning, ironing, menu planning, tidying, reading, sewing, stitching, wishing I could knit and crochet and many, many other things.  Now I am doing these things for my peace of mind, not because I think the house wouldn't go on without me, as I know that not to be true, but I would rather be in the best frame of mind I can be come the time on Monday.  Doing this gives me some control.  Not a lot, but it allows me to take a little control of what I can, which is a good thing in times like these.

I thought it might be a good idea to do a virtual to do list for the weekend

Finnish stuffing and sewing the boys hearts
post a message in each of them
record a message on voice teddy
emergency contact list for the school
pack hospital bag
charge ipod and load some new songs on
tidy play room
menu plan and shopping list for 2 weeks
Set aside school lunch money and snack money
Do maximads homework with him
ironing and put away
wash door mats and replace
change our bed
Bake cakes for trick or treat
Fill up snack tin with baked goodies
Write letters and post
pack 2 parcels and post
Sort boys school clothes out for the week
Set Sky+ to record the necessaries
Order some books for boys for Christmas
Trick or treating with the boys and MadDad
Take down all Halloween decorations
find small flask for park hot chocolate
Get out manual with how to do everything for the boys (wrote before I went into hospital the last time), this covers everything from how to cook porridge correctly for maximad to which songs to sing when minimad is upset.  Check and update if necessary.
Change the calender to next week
Write a "special" letter for MadDad

I am sure that there is more that needs doing but I am going to try and get some sleep now with a note book by my bed in case anything pops to mind!!

See you tomorrow

Friday, 30 October 2009

Childrens Halloween Party

We have been to my Brother and Sister in Laws social club this evening for the children Halloween party and it was and always is a fantastic night.

It is a night for all the children and most of them dress up (except for MaxiMad who goes as himself) and have a great time.

Cheesy tunes are played by the Menacing Boys Disco, parents are dragged up on the stage to show off the dance routines to the children and party games are played. 

Apples are bobbed and fancy dress competitions take place.

Toffee apples, Halloween cakes and toffee lollies are eaten.

It is always a wonderful experiance and tonight is was no exception.  So thank you SIL, you made it a great night as always and we will see you on Thursday for the Children's Bonfire Night Extravaganza, which I am especially looking forward to (inside and outside disco, jacket potatoes, hot chocolate and fireworks).

PS Sorry for the lack of pictures I was far too busy enjoying myself and dancing myself silly with my two wonderful boys!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

A Warm October Day

Today has been a totally unseasonably warm day for late October, maybe global warming has started, but I am not complaining as it is half term and the mini's need lots of exercise.  On a typical Thursday we do our shopping with my mum, so we set off to our local Aldi and got the shopping for mum and us and then decided to spend the rest of the day having some Fun.

Now I have to say that I was taking the shopping to the car when the above was happening and was not all that happy that mum allowed both the mini's to put holes in the bums of their trousers, especially as one pair is new.  However the boys were having a blast.

The fishermen had been out and were selling their catch from the boats on the sea fronts.  I love dabs and they are wonderful bought fresh from the boats and cooked in a little butter.

Maximad loves the sea just like me, he would have stood and watched the waves all day and night if we let him.  He is at peace on the beach.  We had a wonderful hour chasing the tide back out.

MiniMad decided to join us watching the waves and the seaweed for a while.  He stood next to his big brother chatting away.

MiniMad got sick of watching the sea and decided it was time for a paddle, now I grant you it was unseasonable warm, but it wasn't that warm - this is the North Sea we are talking about!!

Good job I had wellies in the car.  We decided to then retire to the wonderful ice cream parlor on the seafront, which hasn't changed since the 60's and had lemon top ice creams, well the boys did, I had a lovely pot of tea.  We have had a pretty perfect day.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Fantastic Mr Fox

I took MaxiMad and my niece to see The Fantastic Mr Fox and we all really enjoyed it.  I was worried that it might be a bit gruesome for them, but was totally wrong on that count.  They both took the killing of the chickens in their stride and positively loved the fact that Mr Fox got his tail shot off!!  Now I expected that from the grandson of a farmer, which is what MaxiMad is, but not of my lovely neice.

What can I say about the film, it has fantastic animation, which is kind of like a cartoon background with the characters as puppets.  Jarvis Cocker does the soundtrack and had me and the little ones jigging along, in fact MaxiMad and Niece danced out of the cinema.

Now I agree it might not be suitable for every child, especially those of a somewhat sensitive nature (which is partly why I didn't take minimad with us), but we loved it and it has inspired me to start reading Dahl to the mini's, once we have finished our Beatrix Potter books.

It doesn't follow the book, but then what American movies do and the other thing was all the baddies were voiced in English, whilst the goodies were American.

But it is definitely worth a visit.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Christmas Cake and Christmas Puddings

I always start soaking the fruit for Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings at Half Term, so I have weighted, measured, chopped, washed, dried and then covered in alcohol all the fruit this morning with the minimads.  We tend to use what we have or rather what alcohol my mum has open (so it was a mixture of sherry, brandy and rum this year).

Last year we gave out mini Christmas cakes as part of our presents and they went down really well and were very easy to make and simply iced (well you cant really do ornate with a three  and two year old helping and as you know its all or nothing here).

Christmas Cake

6oz sultanas

6oz raisins
4oz currants
4oz glace cherries
3oz mixed peel
1/4 pint sherry or other booze
6oz butter
6oz soft brown sugar
4 eggs
4oz SR flour
4oz plain flour
pinch salt
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
1oz ground almonds

Mix together all fruit. Pour sherry over and leave to soak for at least 1 week, covered. Stir frequently until required or heat your booze and then add fruit.

Grease & line a 7 - 8 inch cake tin

Cream butter & sugar until soft & fluffy, then beat in eggs one at a time.

Fold in flour, salt & ground almonds.

Drain off any liquid from the fruit and mix fruit into mixture stirring until well blended.

Put into prepared tin, smooth top and bake just below middle of oven for 1 hour at 160 gas mark 3. Then cover with foil and reduce oven to gas mark 2 150 and cook for a further 1.5 hours until firm to touch.

Leave to stand in tin until nearly cold. Remove from tin, prick well and pour over liquid from dried fruit.

Wrap in foil or greaseproof paper and leave to mature until a few days before Christmas, then marzipan and ice.

Christmas Pudding

These quantities will fill 4 x 1 pint basins, 3 x 1.5 pint basins or 2 x 2 pint basins.

1/2 lb currants
1/2 lb sultanas
1/2 lb raisins
1/2 cup of brandy
1/2 cup of orange juice
Juice of 2 lemons
1/2 lb soft brown sugar
6 oz unsalted butter
5 eggs
1/2 wine glass of brandy
4 oz plain flour
4 oz fresh white breadcrumbs
2 oz mixed peel
1 oz slivered almonds
2 teaspoons mixed spice
1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg
Rind of 1 lemon

The currants, raisins and sultanas will need washing even if the packet says 'washed' or 'ready to use' as they are always thick with oily gunge.

wash under running warm water and dry thoroughly by spreading out on a table or work surface and patting with kitchen paper and clean tea towel.

Once dry and mixed in a bowl, soak the dried fruit (I soak for at least a week) in 1/2 cup brandy, the orange juice and lemon juice.

Beat the sugar and butter to a cream until light and fluffy. Add flour, spices, fruit and crumbs and lemon rind. Mix well.

Beat the eggs in a separate basin for 10 minutes and add the brandy. Pour the egg mixture over the other mixture and mix well for 20 minutes

Grease the basins liberally with butter and fill each one to 2/3 full. Cover with a pleated square of grease proof paper. Tie the cloth and paper down over the rim of the basin with string.   Tip - first pop an electric band round the basin and cloth or greaseproof paper, then the string, then remove the elastic band, this is much less fiddly.

Stand each basin in a saucepan of water to half its depth. Bring to the boil and cover with a lid. Reduce the heat and allow to bubble slowly for about 8 hours. DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL DRY! When they are cool you may safely store them in the grocery cupboard for several years!

On the day, stand the pudding in a saucepan of water and simmer for 1 1/2 - 2 hours till heated through.

We use cake decorations on ours that were my grandma's - I love the retro feel.

So the fruit is soaking and all the other ingredients are in the pantry.  I will keep you updated on when to start the mixing and cooking.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pumpkins and all that

We decided that we would carve our precious pumpkins today.  We are so proud that we managed to grow them ourselves in the garden.  Like all things in TheMadHouse, it was a family affair, but MadDad took centre stage.

Although MiniMad is a super duper scooper

Watch out man at work and concentrating hard

Nothing too scary, the minimads dont like scary

A face and a bat

Then roasted pumpkin seeds, delicious and so simple.

All you need do is scoop out all the seeds and clean them.  We like ours salted, so I boil then in salted water for 20 minutes, then toss them in garlic butter or olive oil and pop in a roasting sheet (single layer) in the oven for about 30 mins at 180.

The mini's were waiting for them as they came out of the oven and they lasted all of an hour.  I have orders to buy any inexpensive pumkins I see for more!!

We also harvested some of our sprouts today to go with the roast chicken and Yorkshires. I love the way they look for architectural.  I also love the fact that my children know that sprouts grow on a stick!!

 I am not keen on the taste, but will eat them and grow them as my children love them and I am all for encouraging eating vegetables when they want them.

Spiritual Sunday

For every dark night, there is a brighter day

The clocks "fell" back last night (spring forward, fall back is the only way I remember this) and this means that the evenings will be darker earlier and this has been something I have not been looking forward to in the slightest.

One of the times I have most cherished since the mini's started school and preschool has been our hour at the park after school.  This has been an excellent way of them running off all that excess energy.  Both boys are well behaved at school and seem to have a sudden burst of energy upon escaping.

I took the advice of a friend and great them with snacks and drinks and let them pound the park for at least an hour as long as it is not raining. 

With this in mind I have been dreading the clocks changing and have been needing to find a positive to cling too.  I came across the above quote by Tupac Shakur and it is so right, sometimes we need the contrast in our lives to help clarify things.

So our time at the park may be more fleeting, but soon people will start putting up the Christmas decorations and we can walk, talk, run and admire them all as we did last year and they will shine all the brighter in the dark evenings of winter.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Wet weather Halloween decorations

Well today has been very wet, so I decided to do some very easy Halloween decorations with the boys that required minimal preparation or involvement on my part.

So we made paper pumpkins and drew faces on orange balloons. 

Whilst MaxiMad was a football practice I did was cut the paper for the pumpkins and black triangles for the mini's to decorate them with.  I also blew up a couple of orange balloon's (I need to get some more as they really enjoyed this part)

All the mini's did was colour in the paper with orange crayons and then stuck the black card where they wanted it to decorate them.  I then hung the pumpkins on garden twine and popped them up

One tip - make sure you use permanent markers on the balloons, otherwise you will end up covered in felt tip.  I keep a set out of the reach of the boys for times like this.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Salt Dough Halloween Decorations

We love salt dough here in TheMadHouse.  It is an inexpensive and fun way of making and modeling.  I picked up a set of cookie cutters from tesco for 99p.  They are small, but they are fine until we fine some larger ones and have a few spare pennies.

Basic recipe

2 cups of plain flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of warm water

I also add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to make the final decoration harder.

Mix the flour, salt and lemon juice adding water until you get a firm dough. Then knead the dough.  The more you kneed the more pliable the dough will become.

We basically roll out the dough and cut out our decorations with a cookie cutter.  Then use a straw to cut out a hole for ribbon.

We cook our dough at the lowest oven temperature for 3 hours, then leave overnight before we paint and decorate them.

I dont have any pictures of the actual rolling, cutting and painting process, as I had my hands full with the MiniMads!!

But here is what we have done with them.  We have made single decorations for the fairy twigs.

We had lots of fun sticking on little sequins, which were actually table confetti from the pound shop.

The rest of them had holes that were far too small to thread with the garden twine, so we just popped them on the dresser.  Kind of like a little Halloween display.

When I collected MiniMad from Preschool yesterday afternoon, one of his teachers told me that he was going to make her a badge to go with the stickers she already had.  So we used one of the decorations and added some ribbons from my stash and then popped a safety pin through the ribbon.

Just a little something from MiniMad.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

An Apple for the Teacher, well a necklace

MaxiMad gets a weekend homework project each week, nothing hard, just a little something.  It has been to learn his address, draw his favorite hobby, write to 20 and last week it was to draw some number and colour patterns. 

He gets his project on a Thursday and it is returned on a Tuesday, so this evening we got back from the park and checked out his book.  The comment from last weeks work was that his teacher liked his colour pattern and would love a necklace like that.  Well MaxiMad decided a necklace she should have (she wont make that mistake twice!!).

I have lots of beads for the boys, which I have bought when they are on offer or in the pound store, as I believe that threading is a great way to improve hand and eye co-ordination and it is a fun things to do.

So off he set with the beads and made an blue, red and orange necklace for his teacher.

There was lots of concentration, as he studied all the beads and picked which design and colours he wanted.

Here is the finished article.  He is very proud of his necklace and can not wait to give it to his teacher in the morning.

We use plastic cord to thread on to as it is easier and you dont need a needle.  This would make a great present for a grandma or aunt for Christmas or any Dad's out in blog-land, you could get the children to do this for their mummy for Christmas she would love it. 

The last time I was in hospital MaxiMad made me this wonderful wooden bead bracelet on elastic to wear and remind me of them.  I used it like worry beads and it means an awful lot to me and it made him feel like he had given Mummy something very special.  I will treasure it forever.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Picture Perfect Meme

Linda at 'You've got your hands full' tagged me with the Picture Perfect Meme, which Tara at Sticky Fingers started.

You have to show a picture that your children have drawn about you.

You may remember that a little while ago MaxiMad made a trip to the local sorting office where he saw the life cycle of a postcard he had previously posted.  Well on that postcard was a picture of his family.

A while back MadDad ordered me the the wonderful Handmade home by Amanda Blake Soule, who is Soulemamma.  In it she makes Portrait Bookmarks (she has a free PDF with the instructions on here). 

I thought these were a great idea for the Grandparents at Christmas, but thought I would give it a try with the above drawing first.  Now I haven't embroidered since school, although I have been know to do a couple of cross stitches, so it is by no means perfect, but I love the finished product.

I have backed it with some denim from an old worn through pair of jeans and used ribbon from my stash.  I already had the tea towel I have embroidered on to and the thread from an old cross stitch, so this has cost nothing.

I was so proud of MaxiMads drawing and this is a fitting way of recording it and one I will get to look at all the time.  I have already started on the rest of the family and everyone should get one for Christmas.

A Very Proud Mummy

If any one would like to ask me what I want for my children it would be for them to be happy and balance individuals.

Well MadDad and I spent the evening at the minimads school talking to the boys teachers and I have come away a very happy bunny.

We were told we should be proud of our children as they are balanced, happy and well mannered children. 

MiniMad is in the Preschool and you will remember that it was terrible getting him settled, but it seems all in the distant past.  His key worker, who is the head of nursery informed us he was a real joy.  A very social child, who has good interpersonal skills and has integrated well with all the children in his group.  He is happy to share, but also enjoys playing on his own too.  He loves the musical instruments and the kitchen area.  He is also very clever, but we can cross that bridge later!!

MaxiMads teacher has sorted out his individual education plan for the gifted and talented programme, so we discussed that and signed off on it.  She said he is a very well rounded individual who is a joy to have in the classroom.  Well you couldn't have wiped the smile of our faces.  Even though he knows all the answers first, he lets others answer, he  shows the other children how to do things.  He says please and thank you.  It was wonderful to here that you are doing a good job. 

We know that MaxiMad loves school, it is lovey to here how well he was doing and to see the things he is doing.  We saw a shopping list he had written independently and it was great, most of the words were spelled correctly.  We saw the wizards shop and spells he had written.  we heard how much responsibility he takes and how well he is doing and I swelled with pride.  I love my little men.  I want them to be happy and will make the necessary sacrifices.

It was lovely to hear his teacher say that we are doing a great job. 

Over the last few days I have been trying to ensure that we live in the present.  Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present, as the saying goes.  We never know what will happen in the future, so we all agreed that it is best for the boys to play and enjoy today.  They are only baby's and they should be happy and just because they can do something doesn't mean that they have to.

We used to live down south, but came back to the North East as I wanted to spend time with my children, to watch them grow and influence their lives.  When again will I have the chance to spend this much time with my children, to make them the people that they are and also to enjoy the happiness and joy they bring.

I am so happy that when the boys ask if they can go to the park after school, that I can say "of course", that I can go with the flow and come down to their level.  I can giggle like a child and kick up the fallen leaves.  I can have fun on the swings and sing happy and you know it at the top of my voice. 

Being a mum is a wondrous experiance that I am grabbing with both hands, we have made many sacrifices along the way to get where we are, but ultimately being a mum can not be measured in a material way.  I am giving this job 100%.  I know that is is not conventional or follows the feminine line, but I believe that you can not "have everything".  I could not work, be the best mum I can and also be a wife and good friend.  It isn't easy, nor is it the populist view, but it suits us

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday

Josie at Sleep is for the weak holds a weekly writing workshop with several prompts posted on a Monday, this week I chose:

You will eat what I put in front of you with out a word of complaint and then thank me for cooking you a nutritious, low salt, healthy and tasty meal - not a peep out of you.

You will allow mummy to sleep till 6.30am.

You will not shout "please come and wipe my bum" continually a the top of your voices until I turn up.  I do acknowledge you first time and set off.

You will not bring friends ie worms and other creatures to the dinning table.

You will not insist on reading the same book 100 times over, we have lots of books and visit the library regularly, so it is not as though we have a shortage.

You will allow me to visit the smallest room in peace.

You will refrain from pulling my fingers off whatever I am doing and trying to drag me to where you want me.

I do not allow any little hair visitors in to this house - ever.

You will flush the toilet and put the seat down after each and every use.

I aim to please, so please try to aim.

Inside only voices please, I am not hard of hearing, just sick of listening sometimes!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Making a start on the Christmas Presents

Look, my new to me sewing machine and my first project on it.  A new swimming bag for MaxiMad.  He picked out the fabric when we were in York a few weeks back from the Cath Kidston store (he has taste that young man)!

Thing is once I had done one and mini mad saw it, I had to make another one this afternoon.  I also made these key rings as Christmas Presents and one for myself, as I always end up popping my car keys in my mouth to hold it I dont have any pockets on (so I can strap the children in their car seats).

Do you like the cork board top I have given my sewing table.  I also glued a couple of tape measures on.

A picture of our pumpkin and squash harvest from the garden.  Liz at Violet Posy was commenting on trend in America to use pumpkins as a Fall/Autumn decoration.  We have had these on the shelf in the kitchen for the last month or so, I am feeling very hip and with it. 

The truth is rather more bland, I have no where else to store them and thee minimads are so proud of their garden, so I thought we would keep them out until we eat them.

The boys and MadDad spend a few hours up at the farm with his dad yesterday (potato picking and playing with Nana) and it turns out his mum is sorting through the attic and came across MadDads old school reports and thie yellow plastic teddy money box in the photograph above. 

This was his first present off his Gran (she was his first grandchild) and it is so 1966.  MiniMad has claimed it as his own and called it Danny.  I am not sure if it was because it was a bear or down to the fact that it is half full of money!

A shelf makeover

We had this white shelf in the garage, since we moved in 3 years ago, we bought it with the intention of using it in  the hall area, but it was damaged and the company refunded us.  We found a better solution for the hall and we were not sure where to put it, or all that enamoured with the white finish.

Finally we decided on a place above my chalkboard painted wall in the kitchen, but I just didn't like the white.

My solution, paint it hot pink

2 coats of primer and 3 coats of pink spray paint later (which we had in the garage, but for the life of me can not remember what we bought it for) it was ready for MadDad to install.

What can I say, after reading the MiniMads what seemed like endless bedtime stories, he installed it for me.

We both love it.  Isn't it amazing how a can of spray paint can make something perfectly ordinary into something that you love. 

Whilst we are on the topic of Hot pink, look at this curtain that I am going to turn into bags for my nieces for Christmas.  It cost all of £2.00, real bargain.  I hope I have enough left for me a book bag too!

I got my new to me sewing machine back from the church shop on Saturday from its service and am so excited to have my own sewing machine.  MadDad dropped the one I had borrowed from his mum back and my mum still has the one I managed to break too.  When we are a little more flush I will get it serviced and repaired.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


The Family Mad raided the boys piggy banks and went to see Up yesterday at the local independent cinema.  Both boys have been looking forward to this, Disney have been showing "up"isodes on Playhouse Disney, so they both knew about it.

MaxiMad really enjoyed all of Up, he especially liked when they were exploring and the balloons on the house.  It held his attention throughout the film and he really liked Kevin the bird.  MiniMad started off well, but soon got fidgety.  We knew if was a risk taking both, but he really wanted to go.  He managed most of the film, but I think that it will be DVD for us in the future.    I am glad that we only saw it in 2D, as I am not sure either of the children would have managed the specs.

I thought it was a lovely film, with great animation as I have come to expect from Disney Pixar.  It is basically the story of 78 year old Carl Fredricksen who after his wife dies decides to follow the dream they had as children. 

I found this very moving, but what it said to me is that although you have to have aims and dreams, you have to live your life as though it is one big adventure.  I guess I am just in a reflective mood at the moment and this seemed to emphasise this.

Both me and MadDad enjoyed the film and have decided it will be on our christmas list!!

Now about the cinema......

I do love going to The Regent, it reminds me of when I was young and I used to go to the Saturday club at 10am.  The cinema is very much the same now as it was then, which is wonderful.  It is by the Sea and is just a great cinema.  It is large, open and airy inside, with big seats that dont spring back up on the children easily.

We go here as it is half the price of the big multiplex, it is closer and if we dont support it then it might close. 

For anyone interested Redcar is where the beach scenes for Atonement were filmed and The Regent held the premiere of the film.

Spiritual Sunday

The Past is Over

This is a new day
one that I have never lived before
I stay in the now and enjoy each and every moment

Now that Autumn is here it is far too easy to get wrapped up in all the upcoming events, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and sometimes I am guilty of focusing on them, rather than just enjoying being where I am.

I am measuring time by the number of sleeps before I go into hospital, rather than enjoying each day as it come, so this week we I am going to try and forget about hospital and live in the now, rather than worry about the future.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Home Made Pasta Sauce

Cooking, baking, making, gardening, cleaning, well everything in TheMadHouse is a real family affair.  We tend to really enjoy doing things together.  Some may find that strange, but I love spending time with all the men in my life, including that very strange cat too.  Anyway I digress.  Remember all those green tomatoes from the garden, well some had ripened and we decided to make a sauce for pasta.

So we set too, kind of in a production line way.  MadDad and I deskinned and deseed the tomatoes.  Maxi and MiniMad strained the seeds and juice.

DadDad prepared the peppers and onions and MaxiMad chopped them.  I then cooked all the ingredients for a couple of hours and gave them a good old wiz with the hand blender.  If you are interested we used:

Fresh Tomatoes (home grown)
3 peppers
3 onions (home grown)
8 garlic cloves
handfull of basil
tomato puree
Salt and pepper to taste

I then jarred up the sauce.  Same way as I did the pear butter.

We still have a box full of tomatoes ripening, so I will need to locate some more inexpensive jars, but it is wonderful to have home made sauce, that I know what is in and that we made as a family and will eat as a family too.
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