Saturday, 25 July 2009

My new baby and My first sewing project

My mother is a sewer extraordinaire. I grew up wearing home made clothes, she made our bedding, curtains and loads of fancy dress costumes.

Guess what, I think that she must of intimidated me on the sewing front, as I am a cant sew, wont sew girl.
But times are a changing, let me introduce you to the new member of the MadHouse - Sally The Sewing Machine. She is a Singer handed down from my mummy. She is very old, much older than I am, but she sews and that is all I need.

I needed to make the boys some painting smocks and this was one of the things I remember my mum doing, although hers were much more intricate than mine as she included Velcro at the back and elasticated sleeves. All I did was re-purpose some of MadDads old work shirts and cut off the sleeves, collar and then shortened them. Voila

The very very handsome Youngest MiniMad modeling said art smock

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