Monday, 28 September 2009

Easy Homemade Cards

We have lots of birthdays to celebrate in September and we are big fans of homemade cards.  Now that MaxiMad is at school, time to make elaborate and complicated cards are a thing of the past.  We needed a quick, all inclusive idea.

So we made ........................

Chicken cards, which are ever so easy and very effective.

All you do is take a piece of card and trace round a plate, cut it out with pinking scissors, add a few feathers, a foam beak and a googly eye.

The only part I do is the cutting, MaxiMad does the tracing and both the boys love gluing and sicking. 

It makes for a home made with love and inexpensive card.

Anyone with anyother ideas for basic cards that can be done, easily and by littleones, please let me know.


dottycookie said...

Oh, I love chicken cards! We do them for Easter as well - good fun!

A Modern Mother said...

Oh how cute!

I highlighted your blog at BMB this week!

angelsandurchinsblog said...

That is so cute. I love homemade cards, and not just because I resent having to pay £2.50 every time I want to send a half decent one. You'd love Ros Badger's Homemade Gorgeous Things to Make with Love. Loads of projects, all of them - as the name of the book suggests! - homemade and gorgeous!!

TheMadHouse said...

Oh I have that book on my wishlist, will have to see if the library stock it.

AMM - Thanks for the heads up

Dotty - we did them as easter cards too. I love doing crafts with the boys, I am going to try your flowers out soon

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